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Fruit crate

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art event #9

On December 1st I attended the most amazing theater play called “Telling stories: giving voice to former foster youth” at the CSUSM campus. The production is based on the collaboration of the ACE Scholars on campus along with the Arts and Lectures department.

In this event I was able to learn about a service that is provided at the CSUSM campus which is ACE Scholars Service and its objective is reaching out to foster youth kids who meet the CSU admissions requirements to be able to be admitted to CSUSM and help them graduate from college which provides them the opportunity to a better lifestyle.

In this theater play we learned the story of four different young people who were part of the system, either as a foster kid going from home to home or as a young student going through different mentors due to disruptive behavior.

The first story that we were introduced to was the story of a young girl who had been in the system for a while and had been in seven different homes and brought back to the foster home each time. At the end we see how her story continues by finally finding a place she can call home.

The second story we are introduced to is about a young man with a difficult character who likes to challenge the system as he is introduced to a new mentor. His story develops from a rebellious kid to a kid who does well in school and becomes a better person thanks to his mentor’s help.

The third story was about two young people. One is a guy who acts up in school as the strong boy who likes to challenge authority while the second one is a guy who acts as a follower but chooses a different path in life. Their stories connect by their becoming accomplices in the stealing of merchandise from a local Kmart. At the end we see how their lives take different routes; one joins the football team at school and gets adopted by the coach and makes better life choices while the other one kid keeps stealing and joins in the selling of drugs.

The fourth and last story we see is about a young girl who has a junkie for a mother and has to act as a parent at the age of 14. Her story develops and she becomes a girl who is on probation and sells drugs as well as getting pregnant at a young age. In the end we see how she overcomes life’s challenges and becomes a mother attending college and is planning on obtaining a Master’s degree.

Attending this event was extraordinary. I enjoyed watching the acting and the stories developing of these foster kids’ lives. Watching this performance taught me how to appreciate what I have in life as well as to be thankful for it and to stay focused and determined on what I want to accomplish in life.


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Art event 8

The Performing Arts at Palomar College presented an Electro Acoustic Music Festival open to the public on November 22 and it consisted of three performances by instructors who are at Palomar College.

The first performer was Robert Giracello who played Chamber Music XX-XXV based on a work by James Joyce. In this presentation Giracello stated that this piece is considered a work in progress that would reflect his own musical interpretation of the book Chamber Music. His piece began with him playing a piano and changing its acoustics with a computer. Then he read fragments of the book that were then projected on a screen. While he read he kept playing and modifying the melody of the piano. At the end of his performance he walked out of the room, creating suspense and mystery in the audience due to the fact that no one knew what was happening.

The second performer was Renee T. Coulombe whose performance was based on video and audio installation with techno music improvisation. Videos of scenes from the desert were shown while at the same time she was playing electronic sounds and creating electronic music. It was an interesting media mix.

The last performance was a duet by Jeff Kaiser and David Borgo whose work was based on improvisations with instruments and live electronics. In this performance both instructors played the trumpet and added different mutes to soften the sound and change the timbre of the instrument to create new and different sounds that would then be transformed by the computer creating something new.

This event only included these three performances. They were all different and interesting performances with each one combining instruments with electronic sounds. They all showed the performers’ own interpretations of how to combine traditional instruments and sounds with electronic and digital sounds. The melodies were sometimes rhythmic and sometimes discordant, but it was fascinating to hear what traditional instruments and technology can produce.

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Image Prevalence

  1. Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

In today’s world, the imitation of images has become something more dominant due to the fact that now days it is easy to own a copy of the newest and most famous art work. Imitating a specific image has helped people show or transmit a specific idea through different viewpoints or different ideas while keeping the same meaning in mind. Now a day’s people are able to have a copy of a Picasso or a Monet due to the help of technology that helps reproduce the image to an exact copy. So it can be said that the reason why imitating images has become so dominant is due to the fact that people are now wanting to own are work that has become noticeable among society.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

I think that due to the development of technology and new was of creating art many people are now available to create their own graphic design art portfolio which means now that the competition for open jobs in the graphic design industry will become more competitive and the demand for more updated and modern art work will increase.

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communicationing with voters?

I think that the reason why John McCain failed to use the Internet effectively was due to the fact that he might have been targeting the wrong crowd of people. This could have been that he targeted people who used the Internet as a mean for entertainment and no for information or he might have targeted a younger crowd that to this date worries more about Facebook than electoral campaigns.

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Pattern Brushes

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good and bad page layouts examples

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art event 7

As part of the Art and Performance program on the CSUSM campus, I attended a concert called “Bei Bei and New Earth Ensemble.” We were introduced to Bei Bei a player of a Gu Zheng, which is a traditional Chinese instrument that has between eighteen to twenty-three strings and movable bridges and looks like a harp.

The first part of the concert was an interpretation of five Chinese traditional songs that were played during the Communist war era. Some of the songs told stories, such as narrating the story of a soldier, or the interpretation of the Chinese empire, or the narration of the life and execution of a Chinese military leader, which included a piano accompaniment.

I enjoyed listening to the traditional songs and was amazed to learn about a new instrument like the Gu Zheng and I liked listening to the different melodies played. After the first traditional songs there was a small intermission.

At the return from the intermission, the audience was introduced to a different type of music that included Bei Bei and her band, which was included two electric guitars, drums, trumpet, percussion and a saxophone.

This second part of the concert was a more modern ensemble. In this part the band and Bei Bei played a combination of Oriental and American rhythms and melodies. This second half the band played songs from their new CD.

Attending this event was really interesting. I liked learning about new instruments and some of the cultural background of what the music means.

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